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Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management information systems (MIS) are applying computer-base for managing information in an organization for management roles such as interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles. MIS compound of theories of computer science and management science.

Computer systems are components of Management Information Systems. They involve the whole information systems of organizations. They facilitate organizations’ divisions with collecting, processing, showing, and sending/receiving information. These functions are used from an executive to an operational worker. As results, an organization sizes down, operates flexible, accuracy and fast. We can say an organization gets efficiency and effective. Nowadays, computer systems are main systems of MIS.

  • Enhanced production due to data comparison
  • Reduced costs and enhanced quality due to analysis of alarms
  • Enhanced quality due to integrated reports
  • Increased transparency due to control of the production and quick search of relevant information
MIS Process

MIS Benefits

Helps in Decision making


Management Information System (MIS) plays a significant Role in Decision making Process of any Organization. Because in Any organization decision is made on the basis of relevant Information and relevant information can only be Retrieving from the MIS.

Helps in Coordination among the Department

Management information System is also help in establishing a sound Relationship among the every persons of department to department through proper exchanging of Information’s.

Helps in Comparison of Business Performance

MIS store all Past Data and information in its Database. That why management information system is very useful to compare Business organization Performance.