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CMS Solutions


A CMS is a dynamic website which is designed to be scalable in at least its content, and most often its features. The user is empowered to update content at their leisure and usually without any concern for breaking the website layout as this is usually under tight control of the CMS itself. Frequent updates can be made to web pages, blogs, photo galleries and more. Google’s Blogger is a basic content management system which has no cost to setup and while it is useful for a personal site, it has limited value as a business site. A more advanced system is WordPress which is maturing quickly from initially being a blogging tool to a more fully featured CMS. Drupal is an example of a complete CMS, designed to be fully scalable, adaptive and feature rich.

  • Extensive or full control over the content of your site without the need for knowledge of HTML, CSS or other web languages. Changes can be made at your leisure.
  • Depending on what type of CMS you choose, there can be a wide array of content types to work with beyond just text, such as photos, audio, video.
  • SEO Friendly. Websites which update content on a regular basis gain more of a spotlight from search engines and will often rank higher in search engine results (SER) pages which is an important competitive factor for business websites.
  • By using CMS, site maintenance becomes easy. The template based structure of a CMS makes the addition/deletion of pages and posts super fast and super easy.